ABC Cooking Studio English Guide

English 1 day lessons will be closed until further notice.
Thank you for your continuous support.

About ABC

ABC Cooking Studio is a place where people come to learn to cook, including baking breads and cakes.
Unlike other cooking schools, ABC Cooking Studio offers a more casual and friendly environment where people can have fun while learning how to cook delicious and sophisticated food.

6 features of ABC Cooking Studio

  • There are more than 125 studios(as of July 2017) than operating in Japan, and as a member, you are can take classes at any studio of your choice
  • The classes are done in small groups, ensuring you maximum support from the teachers
  • Lessons are held multiple times a day and you can easily reserve the classes through your computer or cell phone
  • You can register for classes based on the menu and/or teacher of your liking
  • ABC's original recipe sheets are very easy to understand and can be used for extra support
  • You can review the recipes online, allowing you to recreate your favorite dishes

※Must be fluent in Japanese and a resident in Japan to enroll in our courses.

1day lesson

The 1-day lessons allow you to take cooking / bread / cake lessons without applying for the courses.

1. No initial fee! Choice of cooking/bread/cake classes

※You must be at least 130cm in height and children under 4th grade must be accompanied by an adult.
※You must be fluent in Japanese and have a residency in Japan to join our 【Trial lesson】 or 【500 yen lesson】.
Please read “「1dayレッスン」利用規約” before making your reservation.

2. Male students are also welcome

3. We also offer cooking lessons in English

Lessons in English are offered at some of the studios in Japan

Course Guidance

ABC Cooking Studio offers 4 different courses. Our flexible usage plan allows you to choose how many classes you would like to take and at which location.

Cooking Course

The menus offered are not restricted to Japanese cuisine,we also offer cuisines from all around the world!

Bread Course

You will acquire the necessary skills to bake delectable breads from scratch!

Cake Course

Learn how to bake all sorts of cakes, and each will only take 2 hours!

Kids Course

Cooking class for kids! Have your kids experience the joy of cooking and eating delicious food! (Ages 4-3rd grade)


Q. I only speak English. May I join the class?
A. For English speakers, we have English 1 day lessons in some of the studios in JAPAN.
For other lessons, we ask that all our participants are fluent in Japanese.

Q. I am a student in Korea. May I use my class count in Japan?
A. You cannot use your class count in a different country other than where you have your membership. However, if you are fluent in Japanese you may pay per class and join us. Please read“海外フリー通学制度”for details.

Q. I am visiting Japan. Could I join the trial lesson?
A. Unfortunately, the trial lessons are for people who have residency in Japan because the classes are offered to introduce our studios and plan the courses for enrollment. We also ask that all participants are advancet level in Japanese in order to work in groups with other Japanese participants.

Corporate Information


「Bringing smiles to dining tables all around the world」

To promote an environment where people can enjoy cooking and eating delicious food! ABC Cooking Studios' core value revolves around the term "dining". Our goal is to communicate the importance of dining within our lives, and we strive to make cooking & dining an enjoyable experience as possible.

Outline of ABC Cooking Studio

Name ABC Cooking Studio Co., Ltd.
Established 1987-04-01
Business Details Management of ABC Cooking Studios nationwide, Sales of household products
Number of Employees 2,357 (as of July 2017)
Number of Studios 125 studios within Japan (as of July 2017)
Head Office Address 3-1-1 B2F Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 100-0005

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